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Dr Ryan Reign has unlocked a gift she calls a curse. Detective Jackson Prince and his partner need her help to stop a serial killer before he murders again.

One problem, Dr. Reign can't touch or be touched. She's become a recluse never leaving her home for fear of what she might 'see'. Jackson knows he has to help her accept her gift or there will be more deaths. 

It takes a woman's touch to catch a killer.

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Tingle is a collection of flash fiction with a darker edge of the paranormal, suspense, and horror genres to make a readers spine tingle and provoke the senses and emotions.

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Guarding CEO Alex Blazen during a charity gala was an easy job for Valeska Gorstef...until all hell breaks loose...literally. Forced to face her own darkness, Valeska may lose her only chance to live a human life. Two sides of her soul will be at war. Which HALF will win?

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Parapsychologist Aaron Hewitt gets more than a new job and a new home after losing everything including his long term vixen girlfriend Veronica. Aaron has been looking for ghosts all over the ancient city of St. Augustine when all he had to do was look at home. 

Sarah SanCrist lived during the harshest time in our nation. She was a Civil War nurse stationed at Ft. Marion now known as the Castillo de San Marcos. What begins as a study of the spirit in his home leads Aaron on a journey to many local haunts and more than a friendship with Sarah. 

Can true love overcome the grave? Or will lust and jealousy tear it apart.

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